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Oil Changes are important for the health of your cars engine. Oil is the life blood of any vehicle; also oil changes are one of the most effective means of looking after your car and preventing problems.

An Oil change should be done regularly, regardless of how many kilometres the vehicle has driven; as old oil can harm your engine if the oil is not working as it should due to age or not being suitable for your vehicle.

Its important that any oil changed in your vehicle is of the correct type; especially with todays modern vehicles as expensive damage can occur

Car Servicing Taupo
The rest of your car also benefits from being serviced, cars are complex machines that need to be correctly tuned and lubed to ensure they function correctly

If you aren’t not sure of what servicing is required on your car, call in our staff will look at the vehicle and see how you use it – then we can recommend what servicing should be done.

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Right Advice

Not sure of what tyre you should have, we can give you the right advice on tyre selection.

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No Surprises on Pricing

Our tyre prices are that, the price you pay, we don’t add on disposal charges or anything else, everything is all inclusive fitted on your vehicle – No Surprises.

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Free Tyre Check

Drive on in, we’ll check your tyres and even check and set the tyre pressure for you – all free of charge – that’s our service.

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